Punjabi voice pack

PUBG Mobile is likely to feature a Punjabi voice pack

According to the beta version released by developers, PUBG Mobile 1.5 update will bring a Punjabi voice pack. It will also include Erangel Transit System, new firearm MG3, Air Conveyor Launcher and more.

Before the release of a major update, the developers of PUBG Mobile always release the beta version to test the upcoming features of the game. However, sometimes developers include the tested features in the main version, and sometimes they don’t.

Earlier this month, the developers released the beta version of the upcoming PUBG Mobile 1.5 update. This beta version tested everything that the developers are planning to release with the 1.5 update. This update includes Erangel Transit System, new firearm MG3, Air Conveyor Launcher and many other features. Moreover, it also includes a new voice pack, Punjabi voice pack. 

PUBG Mobile Punjabi Voice Pack

PUBG Mobile features a few voice packs which can be used in-game to communicate with teammates without using the mic. It currently has six different voice packs, which include Default Voice Pack, Classic Voice Pack, Victor’s Voice Pack, Sara’s Voice Pack, Carlo’s Voice Pack and Andy’s Voice Pack. However, it adds one more voice pack to the list called “Bhola Record Voice Pack in the upcoming update.”

(Credits Maut Virus Gaming)

As the name suggests, the voice pack is probably recorded by a popular Pakistani YouTuber named Bhola Record. Players can listen to the complete voice pack in the below video.

All players can enjoy the beta version of the game. This version includes all the upcoming features of the game. Moreover, it also includes the “Bhola Record Voice Pack.” 

The South Asian region is getting enormous attention from all over the world in esports. Besides, different game developers and esports organizations are also trying to enter the Indian Esports scene. The future of Esports in our country is undoubtedly bright.

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