PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Brings Nusa Map to the Game

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update has already been released in a few regions, and the remaining regions will also receive the update in a day or two.

There is a lot of excitement in the community with the introduction of the revised Erangel map, the new Nusa map, and Gear Front mode on the global client.

On the 13th of September at 4:30pm IST (UTC +5:30), the developers started rolling out the update. Moreover, a lot of users have already received teh update, and remaining users will receive it soon.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Highlights

A New Map – NUSA:

The developers have been teasing NUSA for a long time. Furthermore, the map was also available in the beta test of the update. As a result, a lot of gameplay videos of the map are available over the internet.

Nusa is a 1 by 1 km tourist island map in PUBG Mobile that is tropical themed for intense matches. It will be available in both ranked and unranked matches.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Revised Erangel Map:

The most played Erangel map is also getting a few changes. Following is the list of all the changes coming to the map.

New Structure: Bicycle Shed

  • New bicycle sheds have been added to the edge of the Erangel map, where mountain Bikes will spawn here periodically.

Hospital and Mylta Power Updates

  • The Hospital and Mylta Power buildings have been updated to improve fights and the search for supplies in the regions. 

Ferry Pier update

  • Two new ports have been added to the south of the Sosnovka Military Base and the southwest of the Farm. Furthermore, the port’s structure and loot have been improved to add more open areas for players to gear up.

Rainbow – New Weather

  • A new weather effect has been added to Erangel to make things more visually appealing.

Flash Shop – New Mechanic:

  • Flash Shop is a discount shop that pops up in Erangel from time to time.

Gas Station – New System

  • The new gas system will allow the vehicles to refuel at the gas stations in Erangel. However, players will have to pay for the gas.  

Targeted Supply Crates – New System

  • Crate boxes inside buildings in Erangel have been updated to indicate three different types: Medical, Token, and Military supplies.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Weapons Balance

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update also brings changes to the weaponry. The following is a list of the changes to the weapons.

AUG: Increased the base damage, firing rate, and reload speed. It reduced the hip fire spread.

Mk14: Slightly reduced the firing rate. Bullet travel speed is increased and the weapon damage drop-off is reduced. Slightly reduced the recoil.

SKS: Slightly reduced the recoil duration of single shots. Increased recoil recovery speed. Reduced screen shakes when firing with a scope. Increased the base damage from 53 to 55. Increased the damage multiplier of shots against the torso from 1 to 1.05

Mini14: Reduced horizontal recoil multiplier slightly. Increased the base damage from 46 to 49 and the damage multiplier of torso shots from 1 to 1.05 and reduced the overall recoil growth when firing continuously.

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update brings a lot of new content and improvements to the game. It will be exciting to see how these new features and the map will be used in the competitive matches. 

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