PUBG Mobile Halloween event

PUBG Mobile collaborates with Dr DisRespect for the Halloween Event

A new Halloween event started in PUBG Mobile on the 19th of October. It is a 13 day long event with a spooky Halloween theme. Moreover, it features exclusive rewards and daily prize challenges for all the players.

The event commenced on the 19th of October, and it will conclude on the 28th of October. Moreover, Dr DisRespect will collaborate for the finale of the event. 

PUBG Mobile to feature Dr DisRespect in the finale of the Halloween event 

Dr DisRespect will join the finale of the Halloween event as a guest on the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile. This finale of the event will take place on the 29th of October. 

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During this event, Dr DisRespect will play a total of four matches. He will play the first three matches with three different teams consisting of three content creators in each team. The playing three teams are Team Violence, Team Momentum, and Team Speed.

Team Violence will include MedalCore, Wynnsanity, and Rollexx, whereas Team Momentum will include HotJukes, HerGaming, and LU Power. Moreover, Team Speed will include Bushka, BellaFox, and Jacob Gaming.

However, in the fourth match, the MVP of the previous three games will play with Dr DisRespect. 

In addition, players will also be able to participate in various contests. Players will be able to win various rewards by winning these contests. Following is the list of rewards players can win.

  • 39x AirPod Pro
  • 10x 9,000 UC
  • 1x 2021 Ural Sidecar Motorcycle
  • 10x $100 Gift Cards
  • 10x iPad Minis
  • 2x iPhone 

Players can win these rewards by winning the contests, which will start during the stream. Moreover, Dr DisRespect will announce the winners during the finale.

PUBG Mobile never fails to surprise us with new unique events. Moreover, the Halloween event features a massive collaboration with Dr DisRespect. On the other hand, players also get a chance to win various rewards during these events. 

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