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PUBG Mobile : GameAC App to Ensure Fair Game in PMCO 2022 

PMCO Spring Split 2022 registrations have started. Once again the problem of cheaters has arrived. So, Tencent made an official post on the GameAC App or the GAC tool for players.

The Game Anti-Cheating tool is an esports anti-cheat detection tool that is used to help determine whether the contestants themselves participate in the game, avoid cheating on others’ behalf, and ensure the game’s fairness.

The GameAC App also provides the anti-team up features which is great. This app is specifically for PMCO Players.

GameAC App Download :

The GAC app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. 

However, it isn’t published in North America & Russia yet. So the players who have registered for PMCO will receive a dedicated link for downloading it.

How to Use :  

  1. Install the GAC Tool from the app store. 
  2. Allow requested app permissions, then select your country.
  3. After selecting a country, select your birth date. You must be of age 16 years or older.
  4. Confirm your birth date by tapping OK. Agree to the terms and conditions to reach the sign in page.
  5. At the sign in page, enter the GAC account and password from when you first signed up.
  6. After signing in, tap OK. You will be required to take a sample photo the first time you sign in.
  7. After taking the sample photo, enter the page and tap OK. Then tap Start Competition. After uploading a photo, GAC will start the game.

After one round of competition, you must return to the GAC client. Tap Stop Competition to end the match. At the same time, tap Upload, to upload your second photo.

After uploading, tap Start Competition again to start the next round of competition.

Image Via Tencent

GAC in India :

Since the GAC Tool is for PUBG Mobile, the app is not available in India. There are no updates for anti-cheat in BGMI esports for now. 

For BGMI esports players, Krafton may come up with a solution soon.

In conclusion, GAC Tool is a better step to ensure fair gameplay. It will help in controlling cheaters and the esports scenario will get better. 

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