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PUBG Mobile Global version to stop working in Korea & Japan

From the 30th of June, PUBG Mobile global version will not work in Korea and Japan. After the 30th of June, players residing in Korea and Japan will have to switch to the local version of the game available in their country.

PUBG Mobile has had massive success in its journey since its release. However, the journey also had its fair share of obstacles. The governments of many countries banned it due to Violent gameplay, Privacy Security, etc.

Even after facing so many obstacles, PUBG Mobile always managed to stay at the top with the support of its fans. It was the 7th highest-grossing mobile game worldwide in 2020. And it is the 7th highest-grossing mobile game of all time. Moreover, it generated a massive revenue of $258 million worldwide last month.

PUBG Mobile Global to stop working in Korea and Japan.

From the 30th of June, players will not be able to play PUBG Mobile global version in Korea and Japan. Besides, the “Terms of Service” will revise in the Korean and Japanese versions of the game on the same date.

If players try to play the global version of the game after the 30th of June, they will receive the following message,

“To our players in Japan and Korea, due to certain adjustments in PUBG Mobile, starting from the 30th of June, 2021 (23:59:59), PUBG Mobile will no longer support service in Japan and Korea. Players in Japan and Korea should download the respective regional versions. Thank you for your continued support of PUBG Mobile!”

Moreover, this message will include a “Download now” button. This button will allow the players to download the Korean and Japanese versions of the game, which will be playable in their respective countries.

A lot of players in Korea and Japan used to play on the global version of PUBG Mobile. However, now, they won’t be able to play it. 

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