PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong

PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong redeem codes and how to redeem.

PUBG Mobile collaborated with Godzilla vs Kong for an in-game event. This event went live with the 1.4 update. However, with the event a lot of themed content is added to the game like outfits, vehicle skins and gun skins.

With this event, a “Enter a code to claim a pack” section is added in the events menu. In this section, players can enter PUBG Mobile Godzilla redeem codes and get some reward packs. However, PUBG Mobile hasn’t revealed all the codes.

The official Instagram page of PUBG Mobile has only revealed three PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs kong redeem codes for the event. However, players have to find more codes in order to get rewards. The remaining codes are supposed to be found out by the players. 

How to enter PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong redeem codes.

Step 1: Open the events section.

Step 2: Click on “Enter a code to claim a pack” section at the bottom of the section list.

Here, in the “Enter the code” box, players can enter the PUBG Mobile Godzilla redPUBG Mobile redeem codes

Following are the codes for the Godzilla vs Kong redeem event.

Redeem code no. 1: GODZILLAKONG

Redeem code no. 2: GODZILLAVSKONG

Redeem code no. 3: TITANSLASTSTAND

Redeem code no. 4: MAY25PUBGMOBILE

Redeem code no. 5: MONSTERDETECTED

After redeeming these codes, the players will receive reward packs. These reward packs will include an Aircraft Pilot License and a random graffiti or glider trailer or currency.

Redeem options for the aircraft licenses:

200 BP – 1 Aircraft Pilot License

Supply Crate Coupon Scrap – 2 Aircraft Pilot License

Classic Crate Coupon Scrap – 3 Aircraft Pilot License

Fashion Referee Glasses (7d) – 4 Aircraft Pilot License

Street Cred Set (7d) – 5 Aircraft Pilot License

PUBG Mobile has never failed to surprise us with new collaborations with big titles. Moreover, these collaborations always bring new outfits and skins. Besides, PUBG Mobile Godzilla redeem is also a very fun event to find the redeem codes.

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