PUBG Mobile India expected to release soon.

The most awaited game, PUBG Mobile India, may be releasing soon in the coming days. However, it will probably release under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. It will be an Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

The government of India decided to ban PUBG Mobile in September 2020. Since then, it has been a hot topic whether it will return or not. Players are waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India.

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Later in November 2020, the announcement of PUBGM India excited the whole Indian PUBG Mobile community. However, since then, all players have been waiting for the launch of the game. Many rumours were spreading about the launch dates of the game. However, none of them were true.

On the 29th of April, the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India uploads four trailers of the game and deletes them later. Although, we are not sure whether the upload was a mistake or done on purpose to keep the hype alive. But we know for sure that something is coming.

Further, according to a creative asset found on their official website, Battlegrounds Mobile India will probably be the game’s new name. Besides, on the 4th of May, PUBGM India officially changed their Facebook and Youtube URL to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Besides, all the professional PUBG Mobile players have started to practice the game again. Players are playing scrims and grinding hard to compete in coming tournaments after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Besides, many streamers have started to stream the game again.

From all the above hints, one can easily speculate that something big is coming. It is clear that PUBGM will launch sooner or later under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India in India.

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