PUBG Mobile Free UC

PUBG Mobile To Give Free UC in the Update 2.2 Anticheat System

PUBG Mobile Free UC is finally here! In the latest update, all players can get UC for free in PUBG Mobile. 

Ever since the launch, all the players have always wished to get UC for free. However, everyone has to purchase it with real money. Finally, Tencent has brought the new PUBG Mobile 2.2 update which gives free UC to the players. 

PUBG Mobile Free UC 

The Free UC will be for all the players. Now onwards, players who report cheaters will get free UC as a reward in the game. 

Cheating has always been a serious issue in PUBG Mobile. Tencent has worked hard to build a strong cheat detection system. But still, sometimes cheaters ruin the entire game for others. 

The in-game report feature allows the genuine players to report cheaters. The anti-cheat system then monitors the activity of the reported player. If it detects any foul play, the system bans the player’s ID. 

After this latest update, players will get free UC whenever there is a “succesful report” of a cheater.

This is great news. Level Infinite is the new publishing division of PUBG Mobile. With this feature, they picture the game’s growth. Also, this will help them clear cheaters and create a fair gaming environment for all players. 

Image Via Tencent

More in Update 2.2 :

Not just free UC, there’s a ton of new things Tencent is bringing in the update. The most iconic one is the new map “Nusa”.

Nusa will be the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, just 1 km X 1 km in area. This means the fights will be quite intense on this map. Erangel has also received some changes this time. 

The update is live now and players can experience the new battleground!

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