PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball

PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Collab: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG X Dragon Ball collaboration was recently announced by Tencent Games. The latest movie in the famous Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will bring a new theme with this collab. 

PUBG Mobile isn’t the first game with which Dragon Ball would have a crossover. A few days back, Fortnite too announced this big collab. 

Although Tencent has not revealed any teasers, this simple announcement has hyped the entire fanbase. 

PUBG X Dragon Ball

The official post says that the PUBG X Dragon Ball collab is “Coming Soon in 2023”. However, the exact date and details are yet to be announced.

The film was recently released across multiple streaming platforms and theatres in various countries. 

This isn’t the first popular movie with which PUBG Mobile is collaborating. Before this, they partnered with Anime movie – Jujutsu Kaisen, Spiderman and even Riot’s award winning series – Arcane.

The Spiderman and the Arcane collab were one of the most iconic ones in the list. While one made players climb places like Spiderman, the other one took players to a new Mirror World.

All these crossovers have beautified the game, making it even more fun. The Mirror World in PUBG Mobile brought the main characters of League of Legends to the game. 

Similarly, this new partnership with Dragon Ball will bring a new event mode for the classic map – Erangel. In addition, it may come for Livik and Miramar as well. 

New gun skins, Dragon Ball charaters and their outfits are all going to be a part of the new update.   

Egypt-based “Ancient Secret” – the most-loved theme, is currently a part of the game. It also came out in 2020 and returned on the demand of fans. We will have to wait a bit more for the Dragon Ball collab. 

To sum up, PUBG X Dragon Ball will be quite interesting. We will get to play other events before this update arrives.  

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