PUBG New Map Deston to Arrive Soon

Krafton has announced PUBG New Map Deston along with a teaser. The map is arriving soon on the PC version.

After a very long time, Krafton is bringing a brand new map to the game. The last addition was Taego in 2021.

Earlier, leaks suggested that there’s another map with code word ‘Kiki’ under development. Taego had a code word ‘Tiger’.

However, it’s still unclear if Deston is the same map called ‘Kiki’ or Krafton is still working on it.

Here’s the first glimpse of Deston along with all the details —

About PUBG New Map

Deston is an 8×8 km map. Its main features include the Ascender, Airboat and the O12 shotgun.

PUBG New Map Deston is actually a city. It has underground labs, enormous skyscrapers, swampland, subways, and underwater structures.

Deston seems like a wonderful map with a variety of destinations to explore.

Also, the buildings will make camping easy, so players must look out in such areas.

This exploration-focused Battleground will test the surviving skills of players. At the end, if there are more players left, then fights will get intense.

Release date:

Deston will arrive on PCs on July 13, 2022 along with the 18.2 update. Console players will get to play it on July 27.

More Updates

There are certain updates arriving to the battlegrounds which include the new anti-cheat system and improvements. Ever since PUBG PC went free-to-play, the number of players skyrocketed.

Eventually, more cheaters also showed up. Krafton has banned 200,000 cheat accounts on a monthly basis since then. So the team is working with the new anti-cheat system.

To sum up, the next update 18.2 will be interesting with the new map. It will bring a new experience of the city which players have never seen before.

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