PUBG New State: Everything we know so far

PUBG New State: Everything we know so far

Krafton announced PUBG New State on the 25th of February. On the same day, pre-registration for the game started on Google Play Store. Moreover, in June 2021, Krafton tested the Alpha version of the game in the USA, and they received a very positive response from the players.

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The game is futuristic, set in 2051 in an 8 km x 8 km map named Troi. Moreover, this game will also include futuristic vehicles, weapons, gadgets, and more. Nonetheless, this map will also have trams, electric cars, drones, and more in the gameplay.

In addition, PUBG NS will also include the option to customize weapons. Also, Krafton has promised better graphics and optimization with the help of Gaming Illumination technology.

PUBG New State release date.

Krafton has not officially announced the release date of the game. However, according to sources, the game will be released in September 2021. 

This new game is an addition to the PUBG Mobile franchise by Krafton. Krafton has done a great job in creating hype for this game. All the players across the globe are quite thrilled about the release of the game. Moreover, Krafton has also revealed some hot drop locations of the map Troi. 

Hot drop locations of Troi:

  1. The Mall
  2. Trailer Park
  3. Laboratory
  4. Exhibit Hall


In addition to the hot drop locations, Krafton has also revealed some vehicles from the game. These Vehicles are futuristic and very different from PUBG Mobile.

These are some vehicles revealed by Krafton

  1. Volta: Volta is an electric car with electric Transmission and a good engine. Moreover, this vehicle is very quiet.
  2. Vulture: Vulture is a very fast and powerful bike.
Image via PUBG New State
  1. Tram: Tram is a train that will run through the map of Troi.

Besides this, players can purchase drones in-game from the drone store. Players can exchange Medicines, ammunition and other items to buy drones.

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According to the sources, PUBG New State is set to release in September 2021, which is not far. All the players are quite excited to play the final release of the game. However, players will have to wait a couple of months for the official release of the game.

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