PUBG New State

PUBG New State Expected Release Date, Hints on Official Teaser

PUBG New State is Krafton’s upcoming game. It has a futuristic world with new features. Moreover, the game is about to arrive on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The pre-registrations for the game are live. The game will launch in October 2021. However, Krafton is yet to make an official announcement.

PUBG New State : Release Date

The Apple Store shows the new release date of PUBG New State as October 31. Earlier, it was October 8th.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new game. Also, another reason for the wait, is the unstoppable cheaters in BGMI. Therefore players want to shift to the new game. 

Teaser/Trailer of PUBG New State :

Meanwhile, a news article on a Korean website gave hints on the trailer/teaser of the game. 

According to, Krafton would showcase the game globally on October 19th. 

This teaser was supposed to be released on September 14th. Krafton postponed it to improve the completeness of the game. 

In contrast, the official YouTube channel for India came into the scenario recently. This means they are about to reveal the game soon. 

About The Game:

  • Krafton officially announced the game in February 2021. 
  • They said that the game will be ‘beyond battle royale’.
  • Currently it has only one map – ‘Troi’.
  • The dev team has released some episodes of ‘Field Trip to Troi’ on YouTube, describing the Troi Map.
  • Later on, PUBG Universe tweeted and gave hints on upcoming maps.
  • The game has passed two alpha tests in various regions. 
  • It has futuristic running Trams, locations and a unique ‘Recruit’ feature.
  • The ‘Recruit’ feature allows players to revive enemies and make them their own teammate.

PUBG New State will definitely be another hit game of Krafton. It will help the company to grow even more at the global level. 

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