PUBG New State: Expected Release Date

PUBG New State: Expected Release Date, New Map and More

PUBG New State is a new addition to the PUBG Mobile franchise by Krafton. Moreover, the release date of the game is closer than ever. 

PUBG NS is a battle royale game, and it is set in the year 2051. It will feature futuristic technology including futuristic vehicles, futuristic weapons, drones, shields and much more. 

The pre-registration of the game for both, Android and iOS, started a couple of months ago. Moreover, it crossed 40 million pre-registrations a few days ago. However, Krafton has not yet officially revealed the release date of the game. 

PUBG New State expected release date 

Krafton has not yet officially announced the release date of the game. However, the Apple App Store shows the expected release date as 8th of October.

Apple Store

Readers should note that this is not the official release date of the game, it is just the expected release date. For the official release date, we have to wait for the official announcement by Krafton.  

PUBG New State new map 

PUBG UNIVERSE official posted a tweet which seems to be a teaser of the potential new map. 

The caption reads, “Hunters operation records were found. #Troi was not the only town.”

Earlier, Krafton only revealed one map of the New State, Troi. However, this tweet mentions “Troi was not the only town.” which hints that PUBG NS will have at least one more map. 

PUBG UNIVERSE official attached three images with the tweet. These seem to be the images of the new map. However, these are only speculations, and Krafton has not confirmed anything.

It will be exciting to see how many maps and game modes will release with PUBG New State. However, there is no official announcement yet. On the other hand, we expect the game to release on the 8th of October, which is just a few weeks away.

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