PUBG New State Gun Customisations

PUBG New State Gun Customisation : Everything You Need to Know

The PUBG New State Gun Customisation feature would help players to improve their weapon damage and reduce recoil. It was revealed today by Krafton today on YouTube. 

It is another new feature of the game. Krafton is showcasing the game features day-by-day as the launch date is near. 

The global launch date of the game is November 11, 2021.

PUBG New State Gun Customisation :

  • Along with the loot, players can pick the customisation kit from the maps.
  • The dev team has increased the effective range and velocity of bullets.
  • Moreover, you can now customise the double-barrel S686 (shotgun) to fire both rounds in one shot.
  • The S686 is a powerful shotgun and it will be easier to knock enemies in one shot. 
  • When players customise Mini14, it has less horizontal recoil, but more vertical recoil.
  • Mini14 is a powerful DMR, but its vertical recoil is difficult to control. So players should customise it accordingly.
  • A shoulder-customized M416 has less bullet spread but more horizontal recoil.
  • There are many new weapons in PUBG New State. DSR-1, a specific weapon of PUBG New State, can be customised. Maximum suppression decreases its velocity.

However, once you customise a gun, you can’t revert it. 

(Image Cr: Krafton)

The PUBG New State Gun Customisation feature has pros and cons. Therefore, players must choose wisely.

Other Features :

Krafton has already revealed the following features –

  • Recruit Feature 
  • Vehicle Trunks 

The Drone store and the Green Flare Gun are other fascinating parts of the game. Players will get cash with the loot that can be used to purchase supplies from the Drone store.

Green Flare gun brings back dead teammates to the game. Krafton will reveal more features in the coming days. 

In conclusion, this new feature would make guns even more powerful. It would give an advantage in terms of damage but would increase the recoil.

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