PUBG New State Maintenance

PUBG New State Maintenance, Patch Notes of Latest Update Released

PUBG New State maintenance is over now. Krafton worked on several issues that players faced. Also, they have released the Patch Notes for the November 18 update.

PUBG New State Maintenance

There were FPS issues, lagging, crashing and freezing. Therefore, Krafton started PUBG New State maintenance. Its schedule was 5:00 UTC to 9:00 UTC. 

The main aim was to address connection errors and overall service stabilization. For iOS Users, there is an updated version on the Apple Store. Also, players must use a stable WiFi connection to download it, in order to avoid download errors. 

Patch Notes

After  PUBG New State maintenance, following are the patch notes –

  1. iOS Update
  • Fixed frame drops due to anti cheat system
  • Fixed the abnormal crashing of app just after launching
  • Improved the overall graphic quality
  • Players must select appropriate graphic settings. The device gets heated due to higher quality.
  1. Android Update
  • Fixed an  issue where an abnormal crash issue happens occasionally
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the [GO TO LOBBY] button after the game makes the app freeze on certain Android devices.

PUBG New State Maintenance : Balance 

  1. Krafton has fixed a lot of gameplay issues. 
  2. In addition, they have fixed the higher airdrop sounds.

Moreover, they have updated the sound balance issue. It was based on the players’ feedback that footstep sounds were too low. Therefore this update will be helpful. 


Krafton also added a new option – FOV (Field of View). Players can select it in the Graphic settings. 

(Image Via: Krafton)
  • PUBG New State also has a FPP Mode. 
  • The dev team has improved the bare-hands motion quality.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation was out of sync when using an item from FPP mode. 

BUG Fixes After PUBG New State Maintenance: 

There were several bugs in the game which spoiled the experience. But now they have fixed the following bugs –

  • Voice chat made the app slow on iOS devices.
  • Drone in FPP Mode changed the perspective to TPP.
  • Fixed the latency of the purchase button.
  • an issue where the landing location of teammates changed when the leader used the pre-look option.
  • While moving from TDM to the lobby, the server got disconnected.
  • The helmet equipment issue.
  • Skipped open motion of boxes in a slow network

Krafton has also fixed other UI issues. To sum up, there were high expectations of the fans. But the game had so many issues. Hopefully, now players will enjoy the game.

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