PUBG New State New Map

PUBG New State New Map to Arrive Very Soon

PUBG New State New Map is arriving very soon. The official Twitter post today hinted about the new map. It will arrive in the second quarter of 2022. 

Initially, PUBG New State had only one map – Troi. After the alpha tests, the dev team added more maps to the game. 

Before the launch, one of their tweets said, “Hunter operation-records were found, Troi was not the only town”. With the global launch, the Erangel map for classic mode and ‘Station’ map for TDM came.

The developer team is now working on a new map.

PUBG New State New Map 

There are so many other maps with greenery and mountains. However, the PUBG New State New Map looks different. It also has a square with buildings around. 

Moreover, this area looks more like a city with a futuristic touch. The Erangel and Troi give the experience of 2050. But the buildings on this map are different from Troi. 

The overall look is beautiful with diverse locations across the map. 

Image via Krafton

Along with the New Year wishes, Krafton shared the very first look of the maps. Three different locations were teased on Twitter. Fights on these new locations will be a new experience.

In contrast, players can redeem the New Year Rewards till 10 January. The “HAPPYNEWSTATE” coupon code will give 6 Chicken Medals and 3 Royal Chest Tickets.

Upcoming Updates :

As we all know, the game had several issues after the launch. Therefore, Krafton has promised to improve the game. Recently they worked on the anti-cheat system as well. 

Certain updates will arrive for which Krafton will reveal more details very soon. Also, the dev team promises to bring lots of new things in the game. 

To sum up, the new map seems exciting. The coming year will have a bunch of modes/maps, Survivor Pass and more! 

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