PUBG New State Pre-Registrations Live Now

PUBG New State Pre-Registrations Live Now in India, How to pre-register?

PUBG New State pre-registrations are now live in India. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Finally the launch of this game in India is confirmed.

The game will launch very soon Globally. Meanwhile, Krafton is working on the game on the basis of feedback from Alpha Tests.

How to pre-register?

Players can visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for pre-registration. 

Following are the steps for pre-registration –

  • Simply visit the play store and search PUBG New State.
  • Tap on ‘pre-register’.
  • Then tap on ‘Download when available’.
  • The game will automatically get downloaded when it launches.

There are specific rewards for players who pre-register for the game. Moreover, players will get a permanent vehicle skin for the same.

PUBG New State:

PUBG New State is Krafton’s latest game. After the huge success of PUBG Mobile, Krafton decided to make a futuristic battle royale.

They announced the game in February 2021. However, they didn’t announce the launch date.

The 2nd Alpha Test for the game ended recently. We can expect the game to release in late 2021 or early 2022. 

The dev team recently added a new ‘Recruit Feature’ during this 2nd Alpha test. Using this feature, players can revive their enemies and make them their teammates! 

This is an entirely new feature in a battle royale.

The game currently has only one map – ‘Troi’. But Kafton always adds unique maps and features. We will get to see more futuristic maps soon.

You can know more details about the Troi map on the official YouTube channel of PUBG New State. Krafton is releasing a series of videos as ‘Field Trip to Troi’. 

PUBG Mobile was banned in India, so fans were worried if the game would launch in India. Even Krafton did not make any announcement. Finally, it is great news for all PUBG Fans!

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