PUBG New State Recruit Feature

PUBG New State Recruit Feature: Everything You Need to Know

Krafton added a new feature to PUBG New State. It is a Recruit feature in which players can revive their enemies. Moreover, they can take those enemies into their own teams.

This is a unique idea of the PUBG New State dev team. No Battle Royale has such a feature in it.

In contrast, the second Alpha Test for the game ended on August 29, 2021. Gamers played and enjoyed this new game feature.

New Recruit Feature Details:

During a match, players can revive an enemy whom they knocked out. Then, they can invite that enemy to join their team.

This new feature only applies to the duo and squad modes of PUBG New State. In solo matches, you cannot revive your enemies.

However, this feature only works if any of your teammates is eliminated. If all the squad members are alive, you cannot revive an enemy.

Whenever you knock an enemy, a recruit button appears on the screen. If you recruit him instead of finishing him, he will join your team. 

The enemy becomes your team member and cannot contact his previous team. Also, he won’t know the position of his previous team.

However, this feature is in the test version. It is not confirmed whether it will be a part of the final Global version of PUBG New State.

A revive list appears on the screen, near the kill feed. 

This feature is unique and very amazing. This shall make matches even more intense. This is because there will be more players alive till the end. 

PUBG New State Release Date:

PUBG New State is expected to launch in late 2021 or early 2022. Krafton has been working for a long time in developing this game.

It is a futuristic Battle Royale game. Also, there is a huge hype for the game. For now, Krafton has not announced if they will release the game in India. 

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