PUBG New State Release Date

PUBG New State Release Date, Official Trailer Finally Out Now

PUBG New State Official trailer is out now. Krafton today released the official trailer on their YouTube Channel. In contrast, the trailer reveals the global launch date of the game.

The launch date of the most-awaited mobile game is 11 November 2021. The game will be available on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and the Galaxy Store. 

Moreover, it will launch in 17 languages for more than 200 countries

PUBG New State Features:

Krafton announced the game in February 2021. They have developed this unique, futuristic battle royale with some new features.

Before the launch of PUBG New State, a technical test will be conducted in 28 countries around the world for two days from October 29th

The game has both TPP, as well as the FPP mode. 

Recruit Feature :

This feature allows players to revive their enemies. Furthermore, they can make those enemies their own teammates. 

This feature looks fascinating for the Battle Royale genre. It will make the game more enjoyable. Also, it will initiate intense fights if more players are alive.

The Drone Store allows players to purchase weapons, attachments, meds and more.

PUBG New State Vehicles:

  1. The Volta
  2. Electric car
  • Electric Transmission & good engine
  • Quieter than others, but audible range-wise as other vehicles
  • Magnetic Blue Zone drains its battery

Maps & Weapons:

Earlier, PUBG New State had only one map – Troi. But now, the developer team has added Erangel in it.

Troi has a futuristic world with Trams running across the city. 

The ‘Station’ is the TDM Mode Map. In contrast, there is a training ground just like we have in PUBG Mobile.

To sum up, the game will definitely be a big hit in the market. The audience is anticipating a new experience, and Krafton is all set to come up with something great.

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