PUBG New State Survivor Pass

PUBG New State Survivor Pass, Launch Time Revealed by Krafton

Krafton revealed the PUBG New State Survivor Pass today. Just like the Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile, the game will have a ‘Survivor Pass’. PUBG New State will launch Globally on November 11, 2021. 

After all the technical tests, the game is ready to launch. Moreover, the game will be available on the Google Play Store and Apple store. 

Moreover, the pre-registrations for the game are still live. So if you want some additional rewards, then pre-register for it! Players will get a Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent) for pre-registering.

  • Simply visit the Google Play Store and search ‘PUBG New State’. Then click on ‘pre-register’ and select ‘download when available’.
  • For iOS users, simply click on ‘pre-order’. 

PUBG New State : Launch Time 

Today Krafton made a post, revealing the launch time. The post says, “Get your gear and devices ready, Survivors. On November 11, 2021, 4:00 (UTC) PUBG: New State will Launch globally!”

Therefore, according to the Indian Standard Time, the game launches at 9:30 am. So be ready with your friends!

PUBG New State Survivor Pass : 

PUBG New State Survivor Pass is very similar to RP in PUBG Mobile. 

  • The Survivor Pass would refresh monthly with new characters.
  • There will be daily, weekly, and story missions that will give SP points.
  • Every season features a character and you can collect their outfits with SP.
  • SP Points increase the SP level to give new outfit rewards.
  • Sam Berry is the main character of the game. Therefore, the Story missions in SP Volume 1 feature this character. 
  • Also, you can obtain the featured character’s appearance as a reward if you complete all 12 story missions.
  • Each new season will reveal a new feature character.

To sum up,  PUBG New State Survivor Pass seems interesting as it has characters. There’s great hype for the games. PUBG New State will be definitely ‘beyond battle royale.’

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