PUBG New State Technical Test

PUBG New State Technical Test, Anti Cheat System & Features

PUBG New State Technical Test is live now. The selected players from the second alpha test can download the game. The test servers will work between October 29-30.

Many streamers are playing and streaming PUBG New State.  After the first alpha test, the dev team added many new things to the game.

In contrast, Krafton has introduced the new anti-cheat system which obscures the game code.  

PUBG New State Anti-Cheat :

The most important thing for a game is the anti-cheat system. However, a few days back, news came that people have started cheating.

Moreover, they were selling hacks through Telegram groups. 

On the other hand, Mr Sangwan Kim, the head of PUBG New State anti-cheat, gave an official response. 

He said that they have used an “Anti-Tamper Technology” which obscures the game code. This would make it impossible to engineer and reverse the code.

Therefore, cheaters cannot do anything as they won’t have the access to the game code.

Hopefully, the new system will be a strong one. As we know, everyone is quite annoyed by cheaters in BGMI. 

PUBG New State Technical Test :

PUBG New State Technical Test officially started on October 29. Moreover, the selected players from the second alpha test can download the game. 

The game is available on both, the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The guide for Test Client is available on the official website.

(Image Via: Krafton)

New Changes:

  • The game has finally arrived with new maps and features. 
  • In addition, there is the new Erangel Map. It has a new bridge via Sosnovka Military Base.
  • Erangel also got futuristic touch in terms of graphics.
  • A new map ‘Station’ is available in TDM Mode.
  • The recruit feature was seen before, in the second alpha test. It allows players to revive their enemies and put them in their own team.
  • Moreover, the dev team made the game more optimised. 

In conclusion, the new anti-cheat system seems to be strong. Players are very excited for the game to launch on November 11. The game is going to be another big hit worldwide!

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