PUBG New State Second Alpha test

PUBG: New State Troi Map Locations, Gameplay Details Revealed

PUBG: New State will launch this year. Krafton teased the gameplay trailer of the Troi Map. In contrast, the game is about to enter the closed Alpha Test. 

The Alpha Testing will start on June 13, 2021 in the US region. Selected players who had pre-registered for this Alpha Test will get to play the game.

Here’s the trailer of the Troi Map –

In addition, Kraton will release more such ‘Field Trip’ episodes.  

Troi Map:

Troi is a brand-new map set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2051. It’s an 8x8km open-world environment.

Image Via Krafton

Moreover, it has a variety of buildings, grounds, ruins, and other components that add to the game’s challenge. Krafton is already teasing some of these locales. These appear to be fantastic.. 

The map has following main locations –

Exhibit Hall

t is a huge hot drop location. The place is located in the centre of the map. Players with good aim can land on the top. Others can reach the other levels and ascend while fighting

Image Via Krafton

The Mall 

It is a bit similar to the Exhibit Hall. It has wide spaces and has an open roof. Each store has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Image Via Krafton

Moreover, it has a honey-comb architecture and bullet proof glass. There are working escalators. So, the players need to remember their direction, else they will be an easy target.


The place has four levels of intense enclosures and corridor warfare. In contrast, the central area is encased with bullet proof glass.

Image Via Krafton

So you can survive until the enemy enters your area, or you leave it. But, don’t forget about the blue zone too.

Trailer Park

This place is full of bullets and bunkers. Subsequently, players will have to vault, sneak and climb to get this spot.

Image Via Krafton

About PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State is the latest game of Krafton Inc. Krafton announced this game in February 2021. 

PUBG PC as well as PUBG Mobile, have been successful in the market. And there’s a great hype for this game too.

It is a futuristic Battle Royale Game with new mechanics, features, weapons. Krafton said that the game will be very different from the classic battle royale.

In conclusion, gamers are excited for the very new battle royale. Krafton will develop and release it globally after the feedback from the alpha test.

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