PUBG New State Trunk Feature : Vehicles to Support Weapon Storage

PUBG New State Trunk Feature : Vehicles to Support Weapon Storage

PUBG New State Trunk feature would allow players to store supplies in vehicles. This is the latest feature of PUBG New State. Moreover, every vehicle in the game has its own trunk. 

Krafton introduced this amazing feature on November 5 through their official YouTube channel. It would help players in carrying extra supplies with them.

PUBG New State Trunk feature :

PUBG New State Trunk feature, is another unique feature in the battle royale genre. 

This feature has the following advantages —

  • Every vehicle in PUBG New State has its own trunk.
  • However, this means that vehicles will have different capacities according to their types.
  • This feature is very useful when players need additional storage. 
  • Players can keep weapons, meds, ammo etc in their vehicle trunks.
  • In contrast, they may have an extra set of gear for their returning friend. (with the help of green flare gun)
  • The trunk button appears on the screen when players are near a vehicle. It appears along with the “Drive” and “Get in” buttons.

You can also use the trunk while driving to exchange supplies with your teammates.

(Image Via: Krafton)

This feature is very useful as you can store extra helmets and vests in the trunk.

For example, if you need a sniper during a fight, you can take it from the trunk. Or, in case, the enemy damages your helmet and vest, the trunk supplies will always help you.

Krafton has been very creative while developing the game. Along with the futuristic touch to the Erangel, they have brought unique features.

Other Features & Details :

The global launch date for PUBG New State is November 11, 2021. There are other features like ‘Recruit’ feature and Green Flare Gun.

Krafton has also made a strong anti-cheat system that obscures the game code. 

In conclusion, the new game seems exciting and another big hit in the market!

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