PUBG New State

PUBG New State: Map locations and everything you need to know. 

Krafton has revealed two new map locations of the PUBG New State map on their official Twitter handle. Exhibit Hall and The Mall are the two locations on the map Troi. Moreover, the tweet also mentions the back story of these two locations. 

( Image Cr: PUBG New State Twitter)

In February 2021, Krafton announced PUG New State, the new addition to the PUBG Mobile franchise. In the same month, the pre-registration for the game started on Google PlayStore. This new title received massive support from the PUBG Mobile fans. Nonetheless, in just a few weeks, the game completed 10 million pre-registrations.

Moreover, the fans were very excited to know more about the game. Finally, Krafton has revealed two locations of the map Troi in a tweet.

PUBG New State map locations

PUBG New State is set in the year 2051 in the city of Troi. The game will include futuristic weapons and vehicles. 

Several teasers have revealed that the game will include technically advanced vehicles as well as drones. Moreover, Krafton has also mentioned that the game will have a change in terms of graphics. 

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is the first location of Troi, revealed by Krafton. The tweet states that the exhibition hall was a famous destination for tourists. However, now it serves as a popular destination for survivors. 

It is speculated that it might be a hot-drop location with a major spawn point for weapons, ammunition, and other survival amenities as it the first location to be revealed.

The Mall

The Mall is the second location of Troi, revealed by Krafton. Moreover, the tweet states that the map as a gathering hub for citizens of Troi. Some people were here for fashion and delicious food, whereas others came to simply appreciate the majestic sunlight that is diffused by the gigantic tempered glass.

The difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG NS is clearly visible through teasers and images. Besides, PUBG Mobile has more realistic approach whereas PUBG NS has futuristic approach.

The alpha test for PUBG New State will commence soon. Fans are very excited about the new things the game will bring. Moreover, it will also be exciting to see how this new game will be different from PUBG Mobile.

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