PUBG Patch 14.1

PUBG Patch 14.1 : Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Patch 14.1 brings some wonderful updates to the game which will make all players happy. Moreover, the latest update allows players to pick their knocked teammate and carry them. 

  1. Players can pick any downed player whether teammate or foe.
  2. The feature is available for all maps.



  • Modified Pochinki Church (Since it is difficult to hide or escape without vehicles)
  • New Terrain and covers in Pochinki.

In contrast, there are some world improvements on Taego. Taego and Paremo maps are now ranked. 

PUBG Patch 14.1 brings some breakable pots with supplies throughout the different maps.  

PUBG Patch 14.1: Vehicle Updates

  • Pony Coupe
    • Normal: Reduced from 140km/h to under 130km/h.
    • Boost: Reduced from 150km/h to under 140km/h. 
  • Porter
    • Normal: No changes are applied.
    • Boost: Reduced from 130km/h to under 120km/h.

Halloween Update:

Halloween is on its way! Another exciting event in the game –

(Image Cr: Krafton)

The dev team has decorated the spawn island, Hospital and School with a Halloween theme.

Moreover there is a new Halloween weather and the unique moon color and fog.


  • When wearing the Taego Survivor Tee, the character’s skin was clipped.
  • The goggle texture broke when the players dropped Crimson Cadet – Helmet (Level 1). 
  • When a female character wears both Cheerleader Sneakers and PGI.S Tactical Pants, the ankles become translucent.
  • Improved the Victory dance emote of male character wearing a Sleeveless Turtleneck.
  • The Dev Team fixed the forehead clipping issue for most female characters that simply wore the Blood Hound Muzzle.
  • Made the glass component of the Moon Seeker Helmet opaque. 

Also, there are bug fixes, UI/UX optimisation and a new Ranked Season. The season will bring some cool rewards for the players. 

The Halloween theme will make the game even more fun! 

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