PUBG Patch 16.1 Notes

PUBG Patch 16.1 Notes : Vehicle and Weapon Changes 

PUBG Patch 16.1 update has arrived for PC and consoles. Krafton has made weapon-changes and brought fixed vehicle-spawn in the game. 

PUBG Patch 16.1 :

This Patch brings significant weapon balance updates. The following weapons will get buffed this time –


M4 is every player’s favourite weapon in the game. Earlier, Krafton reduced its reload time, base damage, initial bullet speed, and damage drop-off range in Update 7.2. 

However, after PUBG Patch 16.1, M4’s previous stats will be back. 

  • Damage increase: 40 → 41
  • Initial bullet speed increase: 780m/s → 880m/s
  • Damage drop-off range increased: 50m → 60m


The dev team observed the love for DMR among players. SLR is widely used in battlegrounds. Therefore, there are improvements to Mk12, another stable DMR, so that players have a new option.

  • Damage increase: 50 → 51
  • Damage drop-off range increased: 75m → 90m
  • The Mk12 will now spawn in every available map (Normal and Ranked).

Vehicle Spawns after PUBG Patch 16.1

Krafton has fixed spawn spots for the Porter in Taego. However, this is for Ranked Matches.

Map Availability : PUBG Patch 16.1

After the update, Vikendi will be temporarily unavailable. The dev team would work on certain things and it will come back with a new look. 

On the other hand, players can play Karakin in this season. 

Following maps are available for Normal Matches –

  • Erangel 
  • Miramar 
  • Sanhok 
  • Karakin
  • Taego

Following maps are available for Ranked Matches –

  • Erangel 
  • Miramar 
  • Taego

Ranked Season 16

On 15 February a brand new season will start. It will also bring new skins and rewards and players will receive season 15 rewards based on their tier. 


Moreover, the dev team has fixed a lot of bugs in both PC and console versions. The overall game experience will improve.

Also, a new anti-cheat system has been applied to the PUBG Test server. It will help in eliminating ESP users. Once this solution is successful, it will come to the actual game.

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