PUBG Patch Notes13.1

PUBG Patch Notes 13.1 Major Updates: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Patch Notes 13.1 tell about the major updates in the game. Krafton officially released them today. 

The highlights include a burning plane, a secret room with loot, multi-care packages, buff to snipers and much much more.

PUBG Patch Notes 13.1

There are updates in Sanhok and the newest Battleground – Taego. 

In addition, there’s a  weapon balance pass,a new Progressive weapon, and a new way to leave your mark on the Battlegrounds. 

First up, Taego is receiving a number of updates starting with a new way to drop in. Occasionally, while flying over Taego, the transport plane will experience an engine failure, forcing it to make an emergency landing. This will give players significantly less time and altitude from which to jump and aims to provide a more tense early game.

(Image Cr: Krafton)

 If you stay inside the plane until the end, you’ll take 50% damage and be forced out.You’ll also find new care packages on Taego that drop much more frequently than regular ones. 

In contrast, these will drop in addition to normal care packages, and contain ammunition, healing supplies,throwables, and more. Also, Krafton brings the following changes –

  • increased the spawn rate on the new Self AED item.
  • added the Emergency Pickup
  • C4,and Spike trap to Taego
  • lowered the spawn rate of some throwables and attachments.

Moreover, you can now find Self AED in Taego’s secret room.


  • On the south shore of the northwest island, Krafton added tiny cliffs and rocks for cover.
  • Relocated the Temple.
  • Replaced buildings without item spawns with new buildings with spawns

Other changes

  1. End screen changed
  2. Snipers buffed
  3. DMRs are nerfed 
  4. More Rocks on NW-Sanhok
  5. Temple’s location changed
  6. Buzzkill SLR 
  7. Progressive Weapon 
  8. Added meme features 
  9. Spray feature

With this patch, Ranked Season 13 begins, so get to work early to win your cosmetic and honour awards for next season. Grab your Buzzkill, look for the new secret area, and be ready if the plane decides to drop it like it’s hot in update 13.1!

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