LG and TEC announced PUBG PC India Streamer Invitational started.

LG’s recently announced PUBG PC India Streamer Invitational has started. The prize pool for this tournament is Rs. 3,00,000. Moreover, the tournament commences today, on the 24th of July, and ends on 25th of July.

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Along with Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton is also planning to expand PUBG PC in India. The giant electronics company, LG, has partnered with The Esports Club for this tournament. Moreover, LG and The Esports Club named this tournament the Esports Club LG Ultragear PUBG PC Streamer Invitational. 

In this tournament, 16 different teams of 16 streamers will fight against each other to win the title of champions and a prize pool of Rs. 3,00,000.

In a recent interview, Ishaan Arya, the co-founder of The Esports Club, said, “We’re always experimenting with different games, formats and IPs. One of the major reasons behind the success of our events is the fact that we’re always looking ahead at how we can do something different or new and identifying games that have a lot of untapped potential within the region.”

The Esports Club is doing a great job in arranging tournaments. Moreover, they have successfully hosted many tournaments of different games such as COD Warzone, Apex Legends, Valorant and more in the past.

Streamers invited to PUBG PC India Invitational.

  • Rohan “HydraFlick” Ledwani
  • Saloni “Meow16k” Pawar
  • Ayan “Rebel” Ali
  • Rishab “Rakazone” Karanwal
  • Ankkita Chauhan
  • Shobith “Tbone” Rai
  • Mithul “Binks69” Nayak
  • Abhishek “Mackle” Sharma
  • Ashish “Lord Bathura” Madineni
  • Raman Chopra
  • Mrinmoy “Beg4Mercy” Lahkar
  • Nikhil “Bloodline” Sirohi
  • Siddhant “Shreeman Legend” Joshi
  • Swayambika “Sway”
  • Abhijit “RoboTM” Sadhu
  • Prabhakar “MidFailYT”

This tournament will be pretty exciting to watch as there are many PUBG PC fans but tournaments are very rare. Moreover, all the famous PC gaming streamers are invited to the tournament. Hence, it will be exciting to see what response this tournament will get from the fans.

The Esports Club will live stream the tournament on the official YouTube channel of The Esports Club. Moreover, it might be just the beginning of the era of PUBG PC India.

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