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PUBG to bring respawns, new maps and non reloadable guns to the game.

According to the latest PUBG-Dev Plan blog on the Steam Workshop, there are lots of changes coming with the upcoming updates. The updates will bring respawns, new maps and reloadable guns. Moreover, there will also be some map changes. 

Map changes in PUBG in upcoming updates

PUBG is remastering the Miramar map. It is getting significant changes in terms of lighting and terrain. The less lighting in the Miramar map, despite being located in a desert, feels unrealistic. This will be changed in upcoming updates, The map will be properly illuminated to feel realistic. Moreover, Miramar will be getting a quad bike which will be exclusive to the map. In addition, the map will also get an anti-vehicle sniper rifle that can not be reloaded.

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Upcoming New Maps.

There are two new maps coming to the game. The code names of both maps are Kiki and Tiger.

The Tiger map will be coming to the game later this year or early 2022. However, the developers have not revealed the release date of Kiki. Moreover, Tiger map will be releasing with some tweaks. This map will have respawns unlike any other map. In addition, more ideas will be continuously tested on this map, making it sort of a test map for the game. Besides, the size of this map will be 8×8 km, making it the same as Miramar.

(Image Cr: Krafton MAP: Tiger)

The map Kiki will probably be the most unique map after the release. It will feature “mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers to swampland to subways to underwater buildings.” Besides, the size of this map will also be 8×8 km, making it the same as Miramar and Tiger. The developers have not revealed the releasing date of the map as the map is in the planning phase. However, the developers wrote that they will be releasing more information about the map at the end of this year.

(Image Cr: Krafton MAP: KIKI)

Developers will be tweaking with the upcoming maps without changing its core player base, which adores survival aspects of the game. Moreover, developers always like to keep the game realistic. Besides, they have done a great job keeping the game realistic. PUBG feels the most realistic game when compared to other shooter games in the competition.

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