PUBG Update 12.2

PUBG Update 12.2 Patch Notes: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Update 12.2 is about to arrive. Krafton has released the Patch Notes it. A new map – ‘Taego’ as well as a new mode arrives with the PUBG Update 12.2.

PUBG Update 12.2:

There is a new Survivor Pass with a lot of new rewards. There are 50 levels of the pass with some bonus G-coins. 

New MapTaego:

  • The Featured Map for Taego is now available.
  • It supports both TPP and FPP.
  • Solo and Squad Modes are available, as well as 1-man Squad Modes.
  • There are no duos available.
  • The styles and viewpoints accessible will differ depending on your location.
(Image Cr: Krafton)
  • There can be up to 100 players.
  • Bots have the ability to spawn.
  • The weather is clear.
  • There will be no Red Zone.
  • Wildlife: Taego is home to two friendly bird species that react to player movement and firing.

New Weapons:


The K2 is an Assault Rifle which uses 5.56mm ammo. You can attach all magazines, muzzles and scopes up to 6x to it. 

It works on single, burst and auto modes. It is very versatile and deadly. Moreover, you can easily find it with the common loot on the map.


It is a DMR which uses 5.56mm bullets. This powerful rifle can hold all AR and SR attachments (Stock is an exception). 

You can use an 8x scope with it. This rifle is also among the common loot.


Vehicles affect survival on a map. So, Taego has a brand new vehicle – The Pony Coupe. It is a Hyundai concept car of 1974. It has an all-wheel drive system with better control. 

(Image Cr: Krafton)

Moreover, its max speed is 150km/hr which is impressive. However, it is a small car, so teammates sitting on the back seats cannot fire on the enemies. 

Self AED:

The Self AED, like Comeback BR, is a Taego-exclusive second-chance mechanic that gives players another chance to stay in the fight. 

The Self AED is a world-loot item. This allows players to revive themselves. Players use it when they are DBNO(Down but no out) without the assistance of a teammate. 

It may be used in Solo and Squad engagements.

To trigger the self-revive, use the interact button or click the Self AED in your inventory.

Squads: Even if your entire Squad is DBNO, the Self AED can be used since a teammate holding the Self AED prevents your Squad from being removed right away.

This allows you to revive yourself before reviving your teammates.

You will be eliminated once all players with a Self AED have been killed if the entire Squad remains DBNO.

Solo: Having a Self AED allows you to enter DBNO rather than being murdered right away.

In your statistics, self-AED usage is reported as revives.

In conclusion, PUBG Update 12.2 looks promising with the new map and mode. The previous update was also amazing with the ‘Remastered’ – Miramar. 

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