PUBG Update 16.2

PUBG Update 16.2 Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Update 16.2 is all set to arrive in March. The dev team has added some new items to the game which will make players happy. 

PUBG Update 16.2 Release Date

PUBG Update 16.2 will arrive on 16 March 2022. Krafton will reveal the time for the update later (for pc).


The upcoming update will bring a new tactical gear for the game – The Tactical Pack. It is the best part of the update. The Tactical Pack is like a super bag pack that stores almost any type of item.

The interesting thing is that players can put two extra sets of vests and helmets if they get damaged during fights. So this gives them an advantage in surviving. 

This new gear supports the following features –

  • Taking the primary weapon slot
  • 4 attachment slots
  • Holds weapons, ammo stacks of 60, helmets and vests

Moreover it will spawn in every map.  

Spotter Scope in PUBG Update 16.2

Another helpful item that surprises us is a scope that helps in spotting enemies. 

This special set of binoculars will help you spy and mark your enemies and enemy Drones. Moreover, your teammates can also see it , so you can communicate without speaking.

It has the following features : 

  • 4x zoom magnification
  • Max distance coverage is 1KM
  • Takes the primary weapon slot
  • Spawns on every map
Image Via PUBG

PUBG Update 16.2 : Other Changes

Krafton brings two separate practice modes – Sound Practice and Aim Practice. Each training session lasts for 1 minute. 

In addition, players can practice on the new targets which are shaped like characters and vehicles. 

Map Service

Haven replaces Sanhok in the Normal Matches. 

Normal Match

  • Erangel 
  • Miramar 
  • Taego
  • Karakin
  • Haven

Ranked Match

  • Erangel 
  • Miramar
  • Taego

Moreover, PUBG is ready to celebrate its 5th Anniversary this year with a lot of new content, a lobby theme and map decorations. The new survivor pass Punk Wave has finally arrived and players can collect all these rewards.

To sum up, the anniversary update will bring a lot of exciting content. The addition of the new scope and tactical kit will have the capability to change the fights.

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