PUBG Update 17.2

PUBG Update 17.2 Goes Live on All Platforms 

PUBG Update 17.2 is now live on the PUBG Test Server. The update has brought map-changes, weapon balaces and equipment modifications. 

The update has rolled out after 7 hours of maintenance, and is now available for download on PC and consoles. 

PUBG Update 17.2

New 1v1 Arena
Krafton has added a new 1v1 Arena in the training mode in which players can challenge each other for 1v1 duels. 

Arena is now available for all types of combat drills in a fun 1v1 setting. Players can compete in 1v1 rounds with an opponent or watch intense fights to see who is the team’s top player.

New Feature : Map Teleportation 

Krafton has added a new Teleportation feature to the training mode as its areas and features expand. So players can open the World Map to teleport within the training grounds.

Moreover, there are clickable icons are shown on the map. Click on the icon of their choice and they will instantly find themselves at their destination.

Image Via Krafton

Spotter Scope Changes :

The dev team added the Spotter Scope gear recently. However, it has been so helpful that it makes enemies very strong. So they are making some changes to it –

  • The enemy detection range has been changed from 1000m to 600m.
  • The white passive marker will not appear automatically in ADS mode.

Weapon Changes :

Earlier, Mortar was exclusive to Taego, but now Krafton has added it to other maps as well. Also, it was quite difficult to use this weapon. So, after the changes, players can use it on any kind of terrain except water and puddles. 

Also, it took a lot of space, so now onwards, it will take the inventory slot and its weight will be 50. 

Map Services in the PUBG Update 17.2 :

Vikendi is coming back to the game with the update and it will replace Haven. The following will be the maps for Ranked and Normal matches –

  • Normal : Erangel / Miramar / Taego / Sanhok / Vikendi
  • Ranked : Erangel / Miramar / Taego

To sum up, the mortar weapon will become more useful after the update. The 1v1 Arenas look good for practice. Players must try it out!

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