PVR Comes Up with A Campaign Through Esports Industry

PVR Cinemas today came up with a very new campaign through the Esports Industry with partnership of Nodwin gaming . They are all set for the screening of Esports tournaments!

As we know, the pandemic left cinemas vacant. People who usually went to PVR Cinemas on weekends with their families, shifted to OTT Platforms.

Audience and Theatre:

During the pandemic, the government shut down all theatres, malls, cafes and restaurants. 

Therefore, people couldn’t visit theatres and all movies were released on OTT platforms.

People watched all the movies on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Sony Liv etc. 

Even after the lifting-up of lockdown, common people have stopped going to theatres so often.

They have probably forgotten the great experience a theatre offers. Therefore, it is necessary for theatres to get back their audience.

PVR Cinemas into Esports Industry:

PVR Cinemas are stepping into the huge Esports Industry with the help of Nodwin Gaming.

The company is organising a tournament for one of the most popular games – Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In the beginning, the first tournaments will be hosted in four cities.

Nodwin PVR Cup Schedule :

Gurugram – 7th Oct, Ambience Mall

Indore – 14th Oct, Treasure island mall

Hyderabad – 21st Oct, Hyderabad Next Galleria, Irrum Manzil

Mumbai – To be announced soon.

After the initial rounds, the quarter, semis and final would be played in the cinema hall and the game would be live-streamed on the big screens.

In contrast with these big screenings, they will live stream the event on the official channels of PVR and Nodwin Gaming.

Moreover, with Nodwin Gaming, they are bringing esports in a decorated way to its audience. 

Will this work? Yes, it very certainly would. Streaming live competitions will attract the Young Audience who enjoys both esports and films!

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