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Rainbow 6 Mobile New Map Clubhouse Revealed by Ubisoft

Rainbow 6 Mobile ’s arrival is something we all are eagerly waiting for. As the game launch nears, new features of the game are unfolding.

In the GameSpot Swipe Mobile Showcase, Ubisoft has officially revealed the next map for the game. The dev team will add the new map “Clubhouse” in the upcoming beta version.

Clubhouse wil be the third map in the game, after Bank and Border.

Moreover, pre-registrations for the game have already started on the Google Play Store and iOS Store. Players can pre-register to get early access. 

The game will globally launch this fall season and before that, a beta version will drop somewhere in September-October. 

Rainbow 6 Mobile : New Map

Rainbow 6 Mobile will feature “Clubhouse” from the PC & Console version of Rainbow Six Siege. This map came in 2015. Also, when talking about the mobile version, we may see a remastered look of the map. 

Image Via Ubisoft

The map is set in Hanover, Germany, and includes a full bar, gaming tables, Cash Room, Strip Club, Armory, and other amenities. The clubhouse has two floors and a basement.

The Church and Arsenal rooms, both of which are extremely strong defender sites, are located in the basement. The Strip Club and the Bar are located on the first floor. Floor two houses the Cash Room, GYM, and Bedroom.

Ubisoft Forward on 10th September will reveal new features and maps. 

About the launch :

In April 2022, Ubisoft made this big announcement of bringing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on mobile devices. The game is already a super hit in the global market. And with the growing trend of mobile gaming and esports, Ubisoft is bringing a brand new metaverse for FPS lovers. 

With the releasing teasers and information, it looks like Ubisoft is soon to release a closed beta. Therefore, there will be more announcements along with teasers soon. 

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