Rajasthan Government Drafts Virtual Online Sports Bill 2022

Rajasthan Government Drafts Virtual Online Sports Bill 2022

The Rajasthan Government has drafted a new bill on 20 May to regulate online gaming. The bill also has comments and suggestions from all stakeholders.

This is a positive step because it allows pay-to-play Esports companies and tournaments. They will do it through licensing and regulation.  

This will encourage developers to cater new and creative things to the gamers. Also, this will take the Indian Esports ecosystem ahead.

“Virtual Online Sports means and includes esports competitions, fantasy sports, derivative formats that are approved by courts, self-regulatory organizations, or any other appropriate authority”.

Rajasthan Government on Gaming :

The Rajasthan Government wants to support the gaming sector. But there is a need to keep a track of all the games as it must not turn into gambling. 

This is great news as now the govt. has started recognising gaming and esports in India. 

It is the first law in India that aims to regulate all forms of Online Sports within the state. The bill focuses on – establishing licensing, self-regulation, making a fines committee, and assessing formats on skills.

The Rajasthan Virtual Online Sports Commission will manage and regulate online games. 

The commission will have three members, one of whom will be a retired High Court or Supreme Court judge with “vast experience in the field of sports and sports federations.”

The draft bill also proposes a fine of up to Rs 2 lakh for failing to follow the directions of the ASCI.   

If an entity operates without a licence, govt. will impose a penalty of up to Rs 4 lakhs per day of violation.

In conclusion, this is a great step from the Rajasthan govt. It will help the esports players as well as the emerging developers in India. 

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