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Rajya Sabha Minister Supports Esports To Ensure India’s Representation at Asian Games

Asian Games Esports 2022 will be a big medal event. On 6 April, one of the Rajya Sabha ministers made a call for supporting esports in India.

Dr. V. P. Sahasrabuddhe urged the government to take a more active role in gaming in order to expand the ecosystem for both economic growth and job creation.

Since PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor are banned in India, the qualifiers for these games cannot start. ESFI has approached MEITY for clarification on this. 

Statement in Rajya Sabha :

The minister wants the participation of Indian teams at Asian Games Esports. So he requests the government to develop a prudent esports ecosystem in India.

With this, the gaming industry has gained the attention of the government. Honourable Prime Minister Modi Ji also gave recognition to the gaming sector.

In addition, the India Budget 2022 mentions the gaming sector. The government knows the potential it holds.

Therfore, the Finance Minister announced that a new AVGC Task Force will be made to promote animation and gaming. 

Asian Games Esports :

After a successful demonstration event in 2021, Asian Games Esports will be a main event. 

The 19th Asian Games 2022 will feature some of the famous mobile and pc games. The following games will be played –

  1. PUBG Mobile 
  2. Arena of Valor
  3. DOTA 2
  4. League of Legends 
  5. Dream Three Kingdom 2
  6. EA Sports FIFA 22
  7. HearthStone
  8. Street Fighter V

In contrast, the qualifiers for various games like LoL and HearthStone have already started. ESFI has extended the registration dates, so players can now apply till 15 April 2022. 

The qualifiers for Team India in PUBG Mobile and AOV will start soon.   

To sum up, it is a great effort by Dr VP Sahasrabuddhe to support the gaming industry. Finally the government will help in building a new gaming ecosystem and India will go ahead in esports. 

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