Resident Evil Village : Release Date Revealed

The release date of Resident Evil Village Revealed by Capcom, After The release date, Resident Evil Village Revealed all the fans across the globe are waiting for a new version of this combat game with a horror storyline. The game will be released on May 7, 2021.

Carrying ahead the wondrous and freaky plotline, this time the main character ‘Ethan Winters’ will look for his daughter, Rosemary who was taken away by his own BSAA guards. As shown in early trailers about the village, his wife Mia was shot dead by a character named Chris Redfield. Ethan goes to the Gothic castle landscaped somewhere in Eastern Europe. The entire village is snow-capped with no people around giving a classic RE impression.  

There is horror and amazement as if a nightmare! Dungeons and torture chambers in the castle along with the RE puzzles that we have seen in previous games too. Duke, a merchant, appeared in previous RE Games, will be seen again with supplies, ammo, new weapons. Most probably the game will have a combination of finding weapons in-game and using from inventory.

The vampire lady, ‘Lady Dimitrescu’ has witches close by. Those witches can man-hunt, summon bugs, and can even transform themselves into bugs! She listens to the commands of someone called ‘Mother Miranda’.

In the trailer, she talks to her on the phone about Ethan escaping from the castle. New enemies, zombies around with swords, and other weapons have been added to the game. This makes the game even more interesting and ominous. Ethan too got a new ability to push away enemies with a kick.    

Capcom has released a demo version as ‘Maiden’ exclusively on PS5 but has a different story. The maiden escapes from the castle that Ethan will also visit in the main game.

It is more about exploring and classic puzzle-solving of the RE Village. Combat is going to be in the main game. The game seems to hit big with its intense vibe with scary gameplay. 

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