Apex Legacy Update

Respawn Adds a 3v3 Arena Mode to Apex Legends Game

Respawn Entertainment added a new 3v3 mode to Apex Legends recently. The new mode is named ‘Arena’. It is a permanent addition to the game. 

The mode will come along with the Legacy update.

Apex Legends: New Mode

Apex Legends has 20 squads in the Battle Royale mode. ‘Arena’ is a Deathmatch mode having 3 players. 

There will be fast-paced intense matches. This is entirely different from the classic Battle Royale Mode. Moreover, there will be multiple fighting rounds.

With each round, you can upgrade your weapons.

(image via: Ea.com)

You can revive your teammates when knocked out. When killed, you won’t respawn. But, you will come back in the next round with your squad.

The team to score 3 victories with a 2-win margin is declared the winner. 

If teams battle to a deadlock, 4-4 tie, then Round 9 starts. It is even more exciting and intense. Round 9 has a Sudden Death Mode. 

New Agent and Weapons

Each Arena is unique and requires great combat skills. You must have a good strategy for surviving and winning. In addition, Apex Legends welcomes a new agent ‘Valkyrie’. She can take fights in the skies!

(image via: Ea.com)

‘Arena’ has Supply bins and material canisters scattered throughout. An Airdrop arrives in the middle of each round. The Airdrop contains 3 weapons. The weapon tier increases with each round! This makes you even more dangerous in fights.

(image via: Ea.com)

Moreover, there is a new weapon, the Bocek Compound Bow. This is a precision weapon that needs patience and consistency. It can be extremely deadly when used appropriately. 

https://esports91.com/category/news/The trailer has impressed the audience. The game is thrilling. Respawn Entertainment and EA Games always come with amazing games and updates.   

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