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Riot Esports Network: Riot is developing its own Esports application

Riot Games is developing an Esports application called Riot Esports Network. Spideraxe30, League of Legends’ wiki moderator, revealed it in a tweet. 

Riot Games has released many successful games in the past couple of decades. These games include League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Team Fight Tactics, Valorant, and Wild Rift. Moreover, all these titles are immensely popular with a huge fan base. 

Moreover, Riot Games has been actively maintaining the Esports scenario of all these games with various tournaments. Nonetheless, these tournaments include regional level tournaments to global level tournaments. 

As the Esports scene under Riot Game is vast, making a dedicated application for the Esports section seems to be a wise decision. 

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About Riot Esports Network

Riot Esports Network is an application that will be dedicated to the esports scene of all the games under Riot Games. Players will be able to take part in various events and complete various missions to get exclusive rewards. 

According to the screenshot in the tweet by Spideraxe30, fans will receive notifications when something special happens in a match. Moreover, players can predict which team will win and win prizes by ranking up on the leaderboard.

Moreover, players will be able to sync their games with this esports application. This will allow them to keep track of all the matches in detail. Also, players will be able to view player builds, pro performance and advance stats features for live matches. Besides, players will also be able to play with advanced champion builds, runes and more. 

Riot Esports Network will not only help Riot to manage the Esports scene better, but it will also help them to interact with more players within the community. This will ultimately help Riot to understand what fans think about the current state of the game. Moreover, this application will be beneficial for both Riot and the players. 

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