New Valorant agent Chamber

Riot Games announced new Valorant agent Chamber

After a long wait, Riot Games has finally announced the new Valorant agent Chamber. Fans have been impatiently waiting for the release of Chamber, which was given the codename Deadeye.

The official Twitter handle of Valorant recently tweeted a trailer video showcasing the set of abilities of Chamber. 

New Valorant agent Chamber 

Chamber is the new Valorant agent, which belongs in the category of Sentinel. He has some unique set of abilities when compared to the other Sentinels in the game. Unlike other Sentinels, Chamber’s ability set relies on mechanical gun play rather than other abilities.  Following are the abilities of Chamber.

Image Via Valorant

Ability kit of Chamber 

  • First ability (Button C): Trademark

It allows Chamber to place a trap that scans for enemies. When an enemy comes in range, the trap starts the countdown and destabilizes the terrain around the enemy, which slows them down. 

  • Second Ability (Button Q): Headhunter

This ability allows Chamber to equip a heavy pistol, this pistol is similar to Sheriff. However, this pistol has the option to use the aim down sight. 

  • Signature Ability (Button E): Rendezvous

The signature ability of Chamber is similar to the signature ability of Yoru. It allows Chamber to place two teleport anchors on the ground. When in range, Chamber can teleport to these teleport anchors by reactivating them. 

  • Ultimate Ability (Button X): Tour De Force

This ability allows Chamber to equip a custom and powerful sniper rifle, which can kill enemies with any direct hit. Moreover, it also destabilizes the terrain around the enemy after a kill. 

The new agent seems promising, and might bring a huge meta change to the game. The ability set of Chamber will make him very strong while using operator, which might lead him to replace Jett in some scenarios. However, we still do not have enough information on the agent, so we still have to wait before making any speculations.

The new Valorant agent Chamber is all set to release on the 16th of November, which is one patch after the release of Episode 3 Act 3.

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