Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle Phantom

Riot Games Revealed the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle

Riot Games has revealed the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle, which will release with the Valorant’s main event of the year. Alongside the bundle, Champions 2022 will also bring an event pass and exclusive broadcast rewards.

In Valorant Champions 2022, top 16 teams from across the globe will fight against each other for the ultimate title of Champions. It is set to start on the 31st of August and end on the 18th of September, and the venue for the event is Istanbul, Turkey.

Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle Includes a Phantom and Butterfly Knife

The last Champions bundle became one of the most purchased and preferred bundle in Valorant because of its exclusivity and stylish appearance. It included a Vandal and Karambit skin. This time, Riot has included a glossy Phantom and a butterfly knife. Like the last year’s bundle, these skins feature special effects. The weapons has a “custom model effect” that evolves every five kills and a special easter egg. Alongside weapon skins, the bundle will also feature a trophy card, gun buddy, and spray.

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After inspecting the Phantom, it plays the Champion’s 2022 anthem. Furthermore, it has a custom red muzzle flash in the form of the VCT spark logo. The melee skin evolves after every five kills, with red crystal shards gradually filling the blade, reaching a maximum at 25 kills, and has a gold glowing outline when you have the most kills in the game. The inspection animation, which appears when players reach 25 kills, “embodies what it means to be a champion,” according to Riot.

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The complete bundle will cost 6,265 VP, and players will be able to buy it between the 23rd of August to 21st of September. 

Like last year, 50 percent of the total revenues generate dby these skins will go to the Champions 2022 teams. According to reports, previous Champions bundle brought in $18.7 million, which meant that $9.36 million was distributed equally among the competing teams.

Valorant Champions 2022 Event Pass and Broadcast Drops

Valorant Champions 2022 will also bring a new free event pass to the game. This pass will have 12 tiers, featuring different rewards at each tier. The event pass will include the “Jett Diff” spray, the “Gamer” title, the “NICE!” player card, the “Potato” title, the “Champions 2022 Dad Hat” buddy, and two sets of ten Radianite points. The event pass will start on teh 23rd of August and end on the 21st of Sept.

Fans watching Valorant Champions on YouTube or Twitch will get a chance to  get drops. The “Fire” title will be able from the 31st of August to the 13th of September, the VCT Champions Curse spray from the 16th to the 17 of September , and the VCT Champions Hero card on the 18th of September.

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The Valorant’s Premium Content teams has done an excellent job since the lauch of the game. Each Valorant bundle has been massively liked by the community. Furthermore, the last year’s Champions bundle broke all purchase records in Valorant. It will be exciting to see how the community reacts to the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle. 

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