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Riot Games teases new Valorant agent in the state of the Agents blog post

Riot Games has teased about the new Valorant agent in the state of the Agents blog post. This new agent will be upcoming to the game in the near future, but Riot has not yet revealed a particular date.

The new agent is said to provide an “intimate feeling when hunting down the enemies.” 

Details about the new Valorant agent 

In a recent blog post, the developers revealed the new Valorant agent teasers. The character development team at Riot Games revealed that they had an idea of an agent” that revolves around the information gathering aspect” of the game. 

We speculate that the new agent belongs to the initiator class by all the hints. Sova has been “top of mind” since the release of the game, and the new agent will be competing against him in terms of information gathering. However, the devs also mentioned that the new agent “landed in a space that has more ‘localized’ initiation and recon tools.”

Riot Games released KAYO in June 2021, and it has been around nine months since then. Hence, there is a high chance that the upcoming agent will be an initiator. 

The blog post ends with the Turkish phrase “Herkesin bir korkusu var,” which translates to “everyone has a fear.” It may be a hint that the next agent comes from Turkey. The developers teased Chamber in a similar manner.

Along with all the text, the blog post includes an image. This image shows a desk with a laptop and a cup of coffee on it. Moreover, the wall on the back of the desk features a corkboard with a picture of Cypher in the middle. The Cypher’s image is connected with all the other images on the board with a red thread. It seems the agent is carrying out some kind of investigation. 

The teasers of new Valorant agent surely seem interesting. However, Riot Games is yet to release a lot of more information. We will soon get to see more teasers in the upcoming state of agent posts, announcements, battle pass, and more. 

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