Valorant Agent 20

Riot Games Teases Valorant Agent 20 With Patch 4.07

Along with Patch 4.07 released on the 12th of April 2022, Riot has released Valorant agent 20 teasers. Riot posted a small video clip on Valorant’s official Twitter handle, and also introduced some in-game teaser.

Patch 4.05 was released on the 22nd of March, and Riot skipped Patch 4.06. So, almost after a period of three weeks, the game got a new patch. With the VCT Master Reykjavik going on, Riot did not implement any major changes to the game. However, they have slipped in some  teasers of the new agent coming to the game.

Valorant Agent 20 Video Teaser

The teaser posted on Twitter shows Cypher held captive by the new agent. However, her  character is not revealed in the teaser. The theme of the teaser is quite spooky, in accordance with the new agent’s abilities. 

Valorant Agent 20 In-game Teasers

The Practice Range of the game has received some changes to slip in the in-game teaser of the new agent.

Cypher’s Room

A new room, which seems to be Cypher’s,  is added to the Practice Range. This room features a recording clip of KAY/O’s comms during their mission to capture the new agent. According to the recording, the new agent is a female and a radiant (not a radiant-tech user). Further, Chamber says “we didn’t find the target, she brought us here,” in the recording. This indicates that the new agent tricked the team sent to capture here, Unfortunately, the recording ends here. We will have to wait for some more time to get further details about the operation and the new agent. 

Prison Cell

The actual prison cell where Agent 20 is captured is added to the range. However, we cannot see what is inside the cell, but a spooky music starts playing when we get near it.

Brimstone’s Room

One more new room is added to the Practice Range beside this prison cell, which seems to be Brimstone’s. Once you enter this room, you will be affected with an Omen-like Paranoia, but with lesser vision and spooky sounds. You can find Phoenix’s voice recording on a Mobile phone in this room on a sofa. The recording says he is scared of all the spooky things happening to him. These spooky things are happening to him because of the new agent. 

Opposite to the sofa, you can find a desk with a laptop on it. The laptop has a message from Brimstone that reads, “word around headquarters travels fast, so I’ll cut to it: the recent threat to our security was a single, independent target. She was apprehended last night thanks to the efforts of our strike team in Turkey and is currently being detained. An unusual move for us, I know, but this is an unusual situation. I need all of you on high alert. We’ll have answers soon.”

The final message by Brimstone clarifies that Agent 20 was captured with the help of the strike team. At the end, Brimstone asks the entire team to stay on high alert until they get all the answers.

Abilities of Valorant agent 20

All the abilities of the upcoming agent, code named Bounty Hunter, were leaked at the end of March. Besides this, we also know that she is an Initiator and will directly compete with Sova in information gathering. However, the developers said that the new agent “landed in a space with more ‘localised’ initiation and recon tools.” Hence, the new agent will focus on information gathering in certain localised areas.

Valorant agent 20 surely seems spooky and interesting. The new leaks have piqued the entire Valorant community, and everyone is anticipating more announcements. It will be interesting to watch the gameplay video and her effect on the meta.

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