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Riot Games To Add One-vs-One Game Mode In Valorant 

According to a tweet by ValorLeaks, Riot Games will add a new one-vs-one game mode in Valorant soon. However, the game mode is still under development.

Not much information about the new game mode has been leaked yet, and it is unclear how it will work. However, we can make some speculations with the available information.

New Game Mode In Valorant 

The game mode might resemble Deathmatch featuring only gunplay and not abilities. In the one-vs-one mode, the abilities of some agents might be more potent than other agents. Hence, a gunplay-based one-vs-one mode would make more sense. However, there is an equal chance of abilities being part of the game. 

Image via ValorLeaks

Furthermore, the new game mode might feature specific parts of existing maps, or Riot will add new smaller maps specifically and exclusively for the new mode. 

ValorLeaks also leaked that the game will feature best-of-10 or 13. Players will need to get six or seven points to win a game. 

Since the game’s launch, Riot Games has been adding various new game modes to the game. However, all the game modes have been team games or Deathmatch so far. It is the first time Riot Games has developed a solo vs solo game mode. 

The Valorant players and fans in the community highly requested the solo vs solo game, and this game might be the response to those requests. 

However, it is essential to note that all the information above is based on leaks, and Riot Games has not yet confirmed anything. Based on the requests made by the community, we speculate Riot Games is considering a one-vs-one game mode. 

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ValorLeaks has not yet leaked the release date yet, and it might take time to release as it is yet in the development stage. However, it will be exciting to see how the new game mode in Valorant works out. 

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