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Riot Games to ban multiple accounts to combat smurfs

According to a recent tweet by Riot Games, Riot is all set to ban multiple accounts to combat smurfs in Valorant. They have been searching for the solution to smurfing for a long time.

Smurfing is when a high ranked player creates a secondary account as a disguise to play against low ranked players. This is also done to boost the rank of some other accounts while playing with them. Smurfing has been a huge problem in Valorant since its release. Moreover, developers have been working on tackling the problem of smurfs for a long time.

Riot Games to ban multiple accounts of smurfs 

The developers have previously tried a few ways to tackle the problem of combat smurfs. However, those ways did not work as expected. Hence, they had to take some extreme majors to ensure the end of smurfing. 

Image via PlayValorant

Banning accounts will instantly reduce the number of smurfs in the game, which will bring balance to the lower ranks. 

Riot Games clearly mentions in the terms and conditions that they will ban the account if it compromises and/or violates Riot’s Terms of Service. 

Further, it also mentions that players cannot share their login credentials with anyone else. Moreover, if a player plays with someone else’s account, it will be considered as boosting the account. 

Valorant rank games at lower rank have been a mess since the start due to smurfs. Moreover, the new players and lower rank players struggle to rank up or to get their deserved rank due to smurfs. The banning of smurfs was an essential step to maintain the balance of the game. Smurfing makes the game unfair for lower rank players.

 Riot Games always tries to maintain the balance of the game for fair gameplay. Not only in Valorant, but also in all the other games developed by Riot Games, they always pay close attention to the fair gameplay.

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