RNG Wins MSI 2022

RNG Wins MSI 2022 Finals Against T1  

MSI 2022 concluded on 29 May 2022 after a close fight between T1 and RNG. RNG won the event with a score of 3-2. 

Chinese team Royal Never Give Up (RNG) has taken the crown of MSI for the third time in a row. 

T1 also played well as they were eying for the trophy. They came into the finals after defeating G2 Esports, the winners of MSI 2019. 

MSI 2022

RNG Won the very first game of the day. After that, T1 took the second game. The same thing repeated for the next two games and then the match went to the final game. 

RNG won the final game with their strategies and took the title of MSI Champions. 

RNG’s Yan “Wei ” Yang-Wei, a 19-year-old jungler, was a threat to Lee Sin and Viego, pulling his teammates forward with well-timed ganks. He also won the tournament’s MVP award for his efforts.

Despite the fact that T1 forced five games, RNG’s aggression and picture-perfect teamfighting were ultimately too much for them to handle. 

Viewership :

With almost 2.1 million Peak Viewers, the event’s grand final was, as expected, the most popular match of the competition. 

In all of the event’s major broadcast languages, new audience peaks were achieved during the deciding match. On Twitch, the tournament had a concurrent audience of almost 1.27 million people according to Esports Charts. 

By concurrent audience, MSI 2022 has become the most popular tournament in the series. The grand final between RNG and DWG received 19% more Peak Viewers than the previous tournament in the series (1.83 million peak viewers).

MSI 2022 also surpassed three previous World Championships to become the fourth most popular LoL event ever. Worlds 2021 is the current leader in the discipline, with 4 million PV.

With this, RNG is now the only team in the world with three MSI trophies, and the second team in League history to win back-to-back MSI titles

After the celebrations are over, their focus will shift to the 2022 Summer Split in order to defend their throne at home in China.

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