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Run It Back bundle returns to Valorant with new skin set 

The Run It Back bundle has returned to Valorant with a set of new weapon skins. This bundle features five different weapon skins from the last two years selected by players.

The Run It Back bundle was released to the game yesterday, on the 27th of June 2022, and it will be available till the 10th of August. It offers players ample time to decide on whether they want to buy the skin bundle.

Run It Back Bundle Price and Contents

Players can buy the new run it back bundle for 5946 Valorant Points that includes five different skins for different weapons.

Similar to the previous Bundles, each of the skins has one skin from a different weapon skin bundle. The skins included in this version of the bundle come from the Ion, G.U.N, Radiant Crisis, Ego, and Magepunk collections. Moreover, with the Classic, Operator, Phantom, Stinger, and Bucky among the featured weaponry, there is a little something for everyone. 

Following are the content of the bundle:

Bucky: Radiant crisis 001 

Phantom: Ion 

Stinger: Ego 

Operator: Magepunk 

Classic: Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster  

Skins from the most recent Run It Back collections were classified as Premium quality. Furthermore, all the skins from the Ego, G.U.N, Magepunk, Radiant Crisis, and Ion collections are all categorised as Premium. This means that the total cost of the bundle was 7,100 VALORANT Points, of which the individual skins were 1,775 VALORANT Points.

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Based on the number of skins from the Run It Back collection bundle the player already owns, the price of the bundle will vary. The Run It Back bundle costs a lot less than the regular Premium Bundle because it only contains five weapon skins and no melee skins. Any skins in the bundle that a player already has will result in a price reduction.

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