S8ul Esports Might Come Up with their Valorant Roste

S8ul Esports Might Come Up with their European Roster

S8ul  Esports is one of the leading esports organisations in India. They are famous in the Indian Esports Industry. Moreover, now they might come up with a European Valorant roster.

S8ul Esports: Valorant

S8ul wants to bring their Valorant roster soon. However, they had their older roster. It had the following players –

  1. Binks
  2. Kuzuri
  3. Strix
  4. Ezzzyy 
  5. Edit99
  6. Notfox
(Image Cr: S8ul Esports)

All these players are loved by the audience. Also, 8bit Binks’ stream is especially super fun.

Mr Animesh Agarwal aka ‘8bit Thug’ talked about their new Valorant lineup. They will reveal their lineup next year. 

On July 26, 2021, during his YouTube stream, he talked about S8ul entering into Valorant esports. 

Moreover, they are talking to some European teams for their roster. In addition,  he mentioned that this might take some time. 

During his stream, he said, “Next year, we will announce our Valorant Lineup. We are in talks with the European Teams. But, it will take a while.”

About S8ul:

S8ul is one of the most premier esports and content-based organisations in India. They have their esports lineups for various games.  

S8UL Esports formed after merging the esports wings of the organizations 8bit and Soul.

8bit and Soul merged all the competitive line-ups of all the games from both organizations under the same name – ‘S8UL’. Further, team 8bit doesn’t exist anymore.

About 8bit Creatives:

Animesh “8bitThug” Agarwal explained, “8bit Creatives is a Premier Talent Management Agency for Gamers of India.” 

He further added that he and 8bit goldy are the owners of 8bit Creatives. Moreover, they decided that 8bit will only focus on the talent management wing of 8bit independent of any Esports organization.

8bit commercially represents creators under 8bit Creatives.

If someone joins 8bit Creatives, it doesn’t mean they also joined S8UL. 8bit is an independent entity different from any other Esports organization in India.

In conclusion, the S8ul lineup entering Valorant esports will have a positive impact on the Indian Esports scene. Also, they are already famous for games like BGMI, Clash Royale, Free Fire etc.

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