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S8UL Esports Wins the Free Fire Arena Season 4

Frolic Esports organise various esports tournaments. Recently, they hosted Free Fire Arena Season 4. Team S8ul is crowned as the winner of the tournament.  

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About Free Fire Arena Season 4:

Frolic Esports announced Free Fire Arena Season 4 in April 2021. Moreover, there were 800 team slots. 

Players had a free entry in the tournament. Also, some teams like S8ul, Total Gaming, Pro Nation, Helping Gamer and UG Empire were invited.  

S8ul won the tournament with 71 points. They dominated all the other teams. Meanwhile, True Rippers and Pro Nation are the runner-ups.

Free Fire Arena Season 4: Teams

The following teams participated in the tournament – 

  • S8ul
  • elping Gamer
  • Head Hunter
  • Captains 
  • Rule Breakers
  • Team Exclusive
  • Ninja
  • Hawk Eye
  • Revolution
  • True Rippers 
  • Pro Nation

Upcoming Events:

Subsequently, Frolic shall organise more such events. To participate you can check out their official website

Similarly, you can participate in Free Fire, Valorant, CODM, CS:GO and many more tournaments.

In contrast, Frolic Esports have hosted many tournaments. These include online as well as LAN events.

In conclusion, Frolic has organised over 500 mobile tournaments. However, they also focus on PC games too. On their platform, they have organised over 200 PC events as well.

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