Sentinels acquired Tenz

Sentinels acquired Tenz from Cloud9 for a 7-figure amount.

Sentinels acquired Valorant professional player, Tyson Tenz Ngo, from Cloud9 in a deal worth around 7-figure according to a report by Kevin Hitt of The Esports Observer. However, we do not know the exact amount.

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Back in March 2021, Sentinels suspended Jay “Sinatraa” Won because her ex-girlfriend, Cleo Hernandez, accused him of sexual assault. After the suspension of Sinatraa, Sentinels had a four man roster and were looking for a substitute. 

At the same time, Tenz was under a contract with Cloud9 but he was on a break from the competitive scene. Therefore, Sentinels loaned him from Cloud9. Moreover, the contract included an option for Sentinels to buy out the contract. Reportedly, Sentinels are buying out the contract.

This buyout contract comes just days after Sentinels won the VCT Masters Two Reykjavik LAN event.

Tenz’s Performance in Sentinels

After joining Sentinels, the team has won NA Masters One, the NA Challengers Finals for Stage Two, and VCT Masters Two. Moreover, at Reykjavik, Sentinels were undefeated, dominating the entire tournament. Moreover, Tenz was leading in both average combat score and kill-death ratio. 

Throughout these victories, both Tenz and the other members of Sentinel have expressed their desire to keep him in Sentinels. This keeps putting the pressure on the both organizations to sign a long term deal. After Sentinels’ win in Iceland in VCT Masters Two, the owner of Cloud9, Jack Etienne, tweeted a GIF with the caption “money in the bank,” expressing his happiness with Tyson’s rise in value.

Etienne added a comment, “Hey to give some context this deal was done before Iceland. It was a dangerous deal for us as we knew we would soon face Sentinals in the Iceland Qualifiers, however it was important to Tyson to play and I wanted to make it happen for him. Best of luck to Tyson on Sentinals.”, on a Reddit thread with The Esports Observer’s report. 

In addition, Sentinels confirmed this by tweeting “He’s here to stay.” on their official twitter handle

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